August 2, 2011

Product Review: Easy Canvas Prints

I am sort of into my kid. I guess that is bound to happen when you wait ten years to have one; they turn your world upside down so that they can settle right in the center of it. So when Easy Canvas Prints contacted me about an offer to plaster H's mug on a 8x10 canvas in exchange for a review of their company, my answer was: how fast can you get this to me?

Creating my canvas was easy. Their website is simple, straightforward, and user friendly. The hard part was combing through the thousands (yes, plural) of pictures we have of little H. I vacillated back and forth between several pics before deciding that her cheeser grin in this one deserved to be immortalized on canvas. 

The finished canvas arrived pretty quickly and was packaged really well. The construction of the canvas is top notch, the corners are super tight and the canvas is nicely stretched. I chose the standard thickness (.75) because I think I will eventually frame it, but they also offer a 1.5 inch thickness that would look really cool on its own. They also offer some optional color finishes (black & white, sepia tone) and image retouching.

 What I learned: canvas has a tendency to make your picture look slightly darker, so choose your pic accordingly.

{This is Ellie. She was begging to be a part of this post. Aren't her blue eyes cute? I suppose I should post the pattern for her (it's vintage), and I should make her a brother...}

Want a canvas of your own? You can place your order here. 'Like' them on facebook to receive 50% off  AND free shipping. 


Cherie Garner said...

Just curious as to why the elephant needs a brother?!?!

Cate @ A Tree Lined Street said...

@Cherie - Elephants are herd animals :)


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