May 28, 2010

Lily of the Valley

We have only been home for a few days and I am already missing Paris. Last night I dreamt of the men on the street corners selling tiny little bouquets of lily of the valley. Every time I saw a woman walking home with one I had a sudden urge to buy one, but I refrained knowing that mine would be in full bloom when I returned home. Now when I walk out my back door and breathe in that intoxicating scent, I am taken back to Paris. I brought a little bouquet inside to brighten up my morning routine in the bath. The vase is a black glazed ceramic yogurt pot from the patisserie "Paul" that I dragged all through Europe in my carry-on. Who does that? Please no snide remarks about my nerdiness, Mr. laughed at me every time the pot came tumbling out as I dug in the bag for my camera, chapstick, or umbrella!  Oh, and I won't go into how I now completely refuse to eat yogurt from a plastic container. Ah Paris, even the yogurt is superior!

May 26, 2010

I Love Paris in the Springtime

We returned home from our whirl-wind Europe trip last week and I am still trying to get back on a sleeping schedule that has me awake during the day! Thus I am too tired to compose an actual post with actual words. Instead, here are some highlights from Paris. I hope you find some inspiration from the most inspiring place on earth!


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