January 27, 2012

Top 10 Baby Items

I get asked a lot about gifts I would recommend for a new mom, seeing as how I am one. Now that I'm almost a year (!!!!) into this whole baby-having business, I definitely have some favorite items and some that I could do without. After buying a ton of stuff I thought I would need, and borrowing (from friends and family) what we weren't sure about, I finally widdled down my own "must have" list. In case you're in need of a gift idea, or you are just starting out and are overwhelmed with baby-gear-mania (totally me a year ago!) I thought I would share with you my list of favorite things that made my life a little better with a baby - in no particular order.

Mustela bath products.

Once you smell this you'll know why it's my absolute fav. Also, it doesn't irritate my very sensitive skinned baby.

Bath Sponge

Before our little one could sit up on her own, this kept her from rolling around in the big ol' tub. It's also cushy and sucks up the warm water to keep her warm. When H was tiny we used to put our sponge in the kitchen sink. We loved it because it didn't take up a ton of space - once bath time was over, we would wring the sponge out, let it dry and then shove it under the sink.

Baby Bjorn

We are on the go a lot. I tried a few other baby carriers - slings, wraps - and this was the only one that allowed my little one to be held close to mommy or daddy while also being upright (a must for her) and to face outward (also a must for her from a really early age).


H suffered with reflux when she was tiny, so laying flat on her back was torture for her. She slept in this bouncer for the first three months of her life (yes, we cleared it with her pediatrician). She liked it because it actually bounces on it's own instead of just vibrating like other "bouncers."


This has become the most used piece of furniture in our house. I am (still) nursing H, and this is most comfy place to snuggle my little one while she nurses. Even if I hadn't found this chair for half the price of what Pottery Barn sells it for, I think it would still be worth the admittedly high price tag. When we travel away from home (which is quite often), this is the one item I miss.

Bamboo Swaddle Blankets

We swaddled H every time she became fussy and it immediately calmed her. We also swaddled her for naps and bedtime and she loved it. These swaddle blankets are the perfect size, are incredibly soft and are organic which is great for something so close to my peanut's sensitive skin.

No more guessing what temperature that stupid red line is at. No more trying to finagle it into the tiny recesses of my little one's body. Just press one button and swipe across the forehead. Easy. Fast. Love it!

Sound Machine

Our house is small. My husband is loud. You do the math. A sound machine keeps my baby asleep through even the most memorable Utah Jazz moments. We play the 'ocean' sound, though it sounds more like white noise than waves crashing on shore. I didn't link to this particular model because I think that any of them would work just as well. We got this one at Target (I think it was around $25?) and we also downloaded a few free sound machine apps for our iphones for when we are traveling.


We live in a neighborhood where just about everything I need is within walking distance (market, pharmacy, library, 6 restaurants, bookstore, salon, chocolatier - that's right, I threw that in there - it's a necessity) so we opted for the Mercedes Benz of the stroller world. This ride turns on a dime, handles our urban un-even sidewalks like a charm (or off-roading to see some petroglyphs near St. George like the picture above), and can even grow to fit another little person or two. When H was tiny (after she had outgrown the reflux), we would attach the bassinet and wheel it into the bedroom for her to sleep. I love it so much, I would sleep in it.

Dimmer switch

So useful during a middle-of-the-night diaper change, or helping to set the tone for bedtime. Dim lights = sleepy baby (that's what I keep telling myself anyway. Hey, it puts me to sleep!) These can be found at any big box store and installed in about 10 minutes.

What are your favorite baby items?

*Again, though I have many opinions I don't get paid for any of them. I'm just a girl, rattling on about her genuinely favorite baby stuff. That is all.

January 17, 2012

Project 366: Week 1 & 2

I'm finally doing it. I have hemmed and hawed for years about doing it. But there was always an excuse. My camera sucks. I'm too busy. My cat has too much fur. The windows are dirty. My toe hurts. Well, I got a new camera for Christmas, and I am determined to learn enough about this blasted thing to take one good picture by the end of the year. So let it begin....

My 365 project. Er...make that's a leap year! Yeah, yeah. All you over-achievers have been doing this for years. And you have made big, fancy, beautiful books. And you got them published. And your pets are cuter than mine. And your photos should be on bill boards. I almost didn't tell you about this little project of mine, for fear of utter rejection. Or worse: failure. But I am no longer afraid. I am turning into a braver version of myself (watch out!)

If you are curious as to whether or not I can keep up this commitment for an entire year (ack...the pressure), you are not alone. I'm hoping that you'll hold me accountable if I post all my pics here. Ok, not ALL the pics, one needs to see every detail of my mundane life.

So, heres a select few of my photos from week 1 & 2. The biggest surprise? Not all the photos are of baby H (who after taking her first steps on Christmas Day is quickly trying to outgrow that moniker)!

January 1 - We started off 2012 with clementines and a pomegranate

January 2 - After hanging our barn door track over the pantry, Nate couldn't resist acting as the door himself. It was 7:30 am, thus the bed-head hair.

January 4 - I have a thing for orchids. Someone please tell me how to get mine to re-bloom so I can stop buying them every few months!

January 6 - What breakfast (and every other meal) looks like at our house: Hazel standing in her highchair while Mom/Dad hover nervously close to keep her from plummeting to the ground.

January 7 - Our back patio after the first snow storm of the year.

January 8 -  Yes, we buy Cheerios in bulk. Yes, we put our daughter in the empty box. We're classy people.

January 9 - Our bedtime ritual: bath, brush teeth, p.j.'s, dim the lights, read some books, pray, goodnight kisses, sleep

January 10 - Egg-free chocolate chip cookies. mmmmmm

January 12 - Life with a little person. Plastic stuff. Oh the irony.

January 13 - Creating a gallery wall in the hallway.

January 5, 2012

HAPPY new year

Happy New Year! It's 2012! A new year. A fresh start. Don't you just love that? It's like having a fresh new notebook at the start of the school year. Wait, am I the only person past fifth grade who still gets excited about brand new school supplies? Oh well. January is like that for me. New. Unwritten. Pure. It's exciting, full of possibilities and great intentions.

This year we are keeping the resolutions simple: be happy and enjoy life.

How about you?


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