July 26, 2011

Coastal Inspiration: Oregon Coast

We just returned home from our very first, honest-to-goodness, can't-believe-how-long-this-took-us, family vacation. We flew into Portland to meet our friends from Seattle and then drove out to the coast where we scored on the most amazing beach house rental (thanks Micah!) - which of course I have no photos of (duh!) so you'll have to take my word for it.

We stayed near Oceanside, Oregon and from there wandered all over from Tillamook (where we may or may not have made a voyage to THE cheese factory every day for squeaky cheese. Only those in attendance know the real truth) to Seaside. We walked the beaches, found some starfish, caught some crabs (of the oceanic variety...don't get any ideas), dug for clams and introduced the little one to the joys of salty ocean air.

H's ocean digs: BabyBjorn and daddy

View from the beach house

Fishing for crabs

Digging for clams

Octopus tree


Multnomah Falls

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