February 24, 2011

Our Little Miracle

Introducing the newest resident of A Tree Lined Street...

Hazel Elaine

Never before have I experienced such 

pain, elation, love, exhaustion, fear, and pure happiness 

in such a short amount of time. 

Welcome home Hazel. 

We have waited 10 years for you. 

February 11, 2011

Hello Again & Nursery Sneak Peak

Remember me? I know you thought I disappeared and I sort of did. A few months ago I went through a very stressful situation at work and I decided to take a step back and really focus on the things that were most important to me: my health, my pregnancy, and my family. This time off has been great, and just what I needed (and what baby needed too!). Mr. and I have been able to focus on getting the nursery done and are thiiiiiiis close to having the kitchen done as well. And just in time too...our sweet baby girl is due this Monday, February 14, 2011!

I will share the full nursery reveal on Monday, unless of course I'm in the throes of labor and then,'ll just have to wait! I've got to sort through the hundreds of pictures I've taken...(yes, I am excited!), but until then here is a little sneak peak...

Hope you have a great weekend!



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