January 17, 2012

Project 366: Week 1 & 2

I'm finally doing it. I have hemmed and hawed for years about doing it. But there was always an excuse. My camera sucks. I'm too busy. My cat has too much fur. The windows are dirty. My toe hurts. Well, I got a new camera for Christmas, and I am determined to learn enough about this blasted thing to take one good picture by the end of the year. So let it begin....

My 365 project. Er...make that's a leap year! Yeah, yeah. All you over-achievers have been doing this for years. And you have made big, fancy, beautiful books. And you got them published. And your pets are cuter than mine. And your photos should be on bill boards. I almost didn't tell you about this little project of mine, for fear of utter rejection. Or worse: failure. But I am no longer afraid. I am turning into a braver version of myself (watch out!)

If you are curious as to whether or not I can keep up this commitment for an entire year (ack...the pressure), you are not alone. I'm hoping that you'll hold me accountable if I post all my pics here. Ok, not ALL the pics, one needs to see every detail of my mundane life.

So, heres a select few of my photos from week 1 & 2. The biggest surprise? Not all the photos are of baby H (who after taking her first steps on Christmas Day is quickly trying to outgrow that moniker)!

January 1 - We started off 2012 with clementines and a pomegranate

January 2 - After hanging our barn door track over the pantry, Nate couldn't resist acting as the door himself. It was 7:30 am, thus the bed-head hair.

January 4 - I have a thing for orchids. Someone please tell me how to get mine to re-bloom so I can stop buying them every few months!

January 6 - What breakfast (and every other meal) looks like at our house: Hazel standing in her highchair while Mom/Dad hover nervously close to keep her from plummeting to the ground.

January 7 - Our back patio after the first snow storm of the year.

January 8 -  Yes, we buy Cheerios in bulk. Yes, we put our daughter in the empty box. We're classy people.

January 9 - Our bedtime ritual: bath, brush teeth, p.j.'s, dim the lights, read some books, pray, goodnight kisses, sleep

January 10 - Egg-free chocolate chip cookies. mmmmmm

January 12 - Life with a little person. Plastic stuff. Oh the irony.

January 13 - Creating a gallery wall in the hallway.


Blondie's Journal said...

I love your shots! I just got a new camera and mine are awful!! I need a lot more practice! Baby H makes a cute model! Love her in the cereal box!


Marilyn said...

My favorite is the baby IN the cereal box!♥♫

Anonymous said...

Go to Cactus and Tropicals and buy the fertilizer they suggest for orchids. It worked for me back when I had orchids. Also don't change the pot. I replanted mine into a bigger pot thinking that was a good idea and that was the end of my orchids.

I like all of your pics and am hoping you will be taking the photography class with me on Monday.


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