February 19, 2010

Pretty Jewelry Storage

I have quite a few mismatched tea cups and plates that were once my grandmothers. Up until now they have been squirreled away inside a closed cabinet (I have two kitties. Kitties & breakables don't mix). Then I ran across this idea from Martha Stewart and I knew that it would be the perfect use for all those pretty little tea cups that I rarely see, and even more rarely do anything with. Instead of putting them in a drawer, like the inspiration photo, I put several cups, saucers, and bowls on a tray that I picked up last year from Pier 1. That way I can move the tray around the bedroom or closet any time the fancy strikes. And a bonus: every time I put on my favorite pair of earrings I will also be reminded of my late grandmother! 

It actually makes all my cheap costume jewelry look rather pretty! Thanks Martha (et al.) for the great idea!


Blondie's Journal said...

Really fabulous idea, Cate. You have a nice collection of china (and jewelry). On a less glamorous note, I like to use pretty coffee mugs for my eyeliners and lips pencils. Don't have to worry about losing caps and everything stays neat and clean. :-)


Marilyn said...

I like your idea a lot! And the sweet memories of your grandmother are even better! Mine had lots of pretties, too. As the only granddaughter I have many to pass on to my daughter someday. Thanks for sharing.

Heather@PixieDust said...

what a beautiful collection!!

Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

No way! I've been doing this for years in my bathrooms --

--who knew I was channeling Martha?!



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