November 1, 2011


Of all the things that I'm not good at - small talk, sports of any kind, parallel parking, and (according to my sister-in-law) parenting - blogging tops the list. Somehow this last month took the bullet train and suddenly Mr. is proclaiming "Holy crap! It's November!" Time flies when you're sleep deprived.

Just in case you were beginning to believe that we slept through all of October (if only),  here is a recap of what we were up to:

Irritating our fellow passengers on our semi-annual pilgrimage to the Atlantic coast. Yeah, that man put his ear buds in to drown out H's protests for more Biscoff cookies. I joke. She does not yet get to enjoy the deliciousness that are Biscoff cookies. I ate them all. Yes, I know I can buy them at Dan's and eat them any day of the week. It's just not the same.

Gearing up at our favorite surf shop in Cocoa Beach. H was not as impressed as we had hoped, though she did look mighty cute in her Ron Jon tee. Start em young.

Floating in the greatest hotel pool. Ever. Hands down. 

Hilton Bonnet Creek, Orlando, Florida. 

Seeing if all the living room furniture would fit in the dining room. Yep, it does. 

Enjoying the fall colors at Silver Lake up Big Cottonwood Canyon. 

Redecorating the built-ins in the living room with tools.

Playing in the leaves.

Hanging out with H's favorite cousin.

Getting lost in a corn maze. 

Hanging crown molding.

Playing with more leaves.


More painting while H gets busy picking out new furniture from the Pottery Barn catalog.

 Yep, more painting.

 Now, let's see if I can manage to post more than once this month!


Blondie's Journal said...

You have your hands full Cate! I'm happy you shared pictures of baby H...she is precious!! In spite of all the work around the house, it looks like it has been a fun month!! I love how your house is coming along...the built in's are beautiful!


Marilyn said...

Life is for living and it looks like you're doing a great job!♥♫


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